FIN/SWE – Fourth Date

Already we had our fourth meeting. This time we met at Ruby and Fellas, which is near the Hämeenkatu Bridge. We went there for their Hobbit’s Treat – deep fried chocolate with ice cream.


This evening we also decided to use both languages equally. Elli spoke Finnish and I spoke Swedish. I think this is a concept we will continue with. Since we both have the basics in the language we want to learn we focus more on the understanding than learning new words and phrases.

I have to say that I’m proud of Elli, she does understand almost everything I say! And her being from eastern Finland, where Swedish-speaking Finns probably are considered fairy-tales, I am impressed. You are incredible!

After the yummy chocolate we walked to Torni, to sit down at the top floor and watch the sun go down over Tampere. I enjoyed my Irish Coffee and the view a lot.

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Three hours after we’d begun the evening we said good bye.

Some words we translated today:

  • Study Counsellor – Studiehandledare – Opinto ohjaaja (Opo)
  • To get engaged – Att förlova sig – Mennä kihloihin
  • Like a place/Feel at home – Trivas – Viihtyä
  • Maple – Lönn – Vaahtera
  • Lecture – Föreläsning – Luento
  • Equation – Ekvation – Yhtelö
  • Dusk – Skymning – Hämärä
  • To dusk – Att skymma – Hämärtää

We also decided to start using the language we want to learn when texting. Which means I will only write to Elli in Finnish and she will reply in Swedish.

That was all for this time. No idea what will happen on our next meeting.

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