First “Each One Teach One” Meeting


I am Katrin and I am studying Business Administration and Engineering at TAMK. I want to find out as much as I can about Finnish culture and language. That’s why I am really happy that I got matched with Eveliina, who is Finnish and wants to learn a bit more about Germany.

Two days ago was my first „Each One Teach One“meeting with Eveliina.

Therefore we decided to go the “Pynikki” Café in the town center, which is known for its especially tasty Munkkis. I really fell in love with them!

So while drinking tea/coffee and eating our Munkkis we talked about a lot of different things like Finland, Germany or completely other things.

One topic was the different way of learning in Finnish universities compared to the German ones. In Finland all the courses are based on team work and active participation in lectures, whereas in Germany there are mainly front lectures hold. We discussed a bit which of these approaches are better for us but didn’t get to a result. I think it just depends on what type of learner you are.

Then we talked about the Finnish winter. She told me about cross-country skiing and now I definitely want to try it. I was a bit disappointed when she told me, that they just have one small Christmas market in Tampere (in Germany we have so many of them) and that they don’t even have hot spiced wine there. That is so sad. But if there is snow before Christmas this year it could compensate it.

One other thing I was very surprised when I got to Finland was the fact that I have never seen any bakery there. Eveliina told me they have some so the activity for one of our next meetings will be hunting for bakeries!! And of course eating something really delicious again :D.

We also discussed about other things we want to do, like cooking together and watching an icehockey game.

Then we talked about our language skills in Finnish/German. So like I already guessed her German is way better than my Finnish and while she struggles with the difficult grammar I don’t even know how to form a sentence in Finnish.

One thing she learned me then was how to order a coffee. It is: Yksi kahvi, kiitos!

The meeting was really nice, I’ve learned quite much about the Finnish culture and I am already looking forward to the next meetings 🙂

Hei hei!!

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