Kick-off Meeting in the park


Today I had the first meeting with my Each one teach one teammates Diego and Sam. We met in the Koskipuisto park in the city centre.

We had two goals for today. First of all, we wanted to get started with the language learning. The second goal was to collect some ideas from everyone for our upcoming meetings. We also arranged a date and a time for every week for our next meetings.

We came up with some cool ideas. While we were collecting ideas, we noticed that we all are into sports so we decided to watch a football and a hockey game together. Also we want to visit the rauhanemi sauna, the shopping mall and a cafe. Besides that, we had the idea that everyone could cook a meal from their home country for the other two. So we are planing on having three cooking-sessions overall. I´m glad that the two also wanted to do the cooking, cause I think this is a great opportunity to show them a part of my culture.

After we got done with the planing, we sat down to start with a little basic vocabulary. We looked around in the park and named the things that we saw in our mother tongue to teach the others. Since I studied a little spanish before in school, this was a great way to refresh my memory about some things. Me and Sam noticed a lot of similarities in the German and Dutch language which was pretty interesting.

I think the first meeting was a complete success and Im really looking forward to the other sessions and to learn more about them.

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