German / Spanish introduction

Our first Meeting was on the 13th of September at the city center. We decided to go to a Café / Bar Papaan Kapakka (picture below). It was a really nice evening, not to cold and perfect to sit outside.

I tried to teach some simple German phrases, how to introduce oneself. So we started directly with German and of course I repeat everything in Spanish.

  • My name is – Mein Name ist / Me llamo
  • I am from – Ich komme aus / Soy de
  • I am studying – Ich studiere / Estudio
  • I am living in Tampere – Ich wohne in Tampere / Vivo en Tampere

And to learn how to ask question:

  1. What is your name? – Wie heisst du? Was ist dein Name? /
  2. Where are you from? – Woher kommst du? / De donde eres?

It was a nice teaching/learning atmosphere, although everyone had a long day and felt a bit exhausted. The Spanish pupil were really interested in the German language and asked a lot of questions about the culture and how to pronounce some words.

I enjoyed it very much, because we all have a real interest in these languages. I realized that my Spanish skills were declined and I was a bit shocked about it, because I had so many Spanish lessons in Germany and nonetheless I have forget simple phrases.

So my motivation increased in this moment to repeat everything again and I tried to start a conversation in Spanish. Davide and Eider were very helpful and patiently with me.



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