Spanish /German – Second Meeting at Koskipuisto

2. Meeting – 20th of September 2016 with Davide and Eider from Spain

We spent our second meeting at the Koskipuisto park so we had a wonderful view to the Finlayson Factory, the river and the flowers around us. It was very calm and nice on this evening and everyone was more relaxed. So we started again with German phrases, how to describe the day in one sentence and maybe to start a German small talk (we Germans love small talk especially about the weather and the day.)

On these day I teach and repeat the phrases:

  1. It was a long day / exhausted day – Es war ein langer Tag / Fue un dia largo
  2. We are in the park now – Wir sind jetzt im Park. / Estamos en el parque.
  3. It is a nice day. – Es ist ein schöner Tag. / Es un hermoso dia.

After these small talk we decided to translate the objectives and the colors around us

  1. The bench – Die Sitzbank / El banco
  2. The flower – Die Blume / la flora
  3. The garden – Der Garten / el jardin
  4. The streetlight- Die Laterne / La Farola
  5. The river – Der Fluss / El río
  6. The lake – Der See / El lago
  7. The Sea – Das Meer / El mar
  8. El Factory – Die Fabrik / El fabrico

And of course we wanted to know how to ask for directions in Spain or in Germany.

  1. Excuse me please, could you tell me where I can find these street?
  2. Entschuldigen Sie bitte, können Sie mir sagen wo ich diese Straße finde?
  3. Disculpe, podria indicarme donde está esta calle?

Next topic, what kind of colors can you see?

  1. Blue – blau – azul
  2. Red – rot – rojo
  3. White – weiß – blanco
  4. Green – grün – verde
  5. Black – schwarz – negro
  6. Grey – grau – gris
  7. Yellow – gelb – amarillo
  8. Brown – braun – maron

Finally, we saw the sunset and how was is it in Spanish and German?

  • Sunset – Sonnenuntergang – atardecer
  • Sunrise – Sonnenaufgang – Amanecer

Wow, on these day we learnt a lot in German and a lot in Spanish, so we decided just to repeat. It was a lot of things for one hour, so I think the next week will be more relaxed.

And thank you Davide for the nice pictures 🙂

whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-20-53-27 whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-20-53-29 whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-20-53-31

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