The cutest café in Tampere called Oma on 16 september 2016

Lyydia brought me to this cute café in Tampere called Oma. This café is seriously amazing and we spend a lot of time there. The hot chocolate is so good. It’s the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had in my life. You can find Lyydia and me at this café very often.

You can imagine that Oma´s is the perfect place to do a EOTO session. So on the 16th of September we had one. Lyydia wanted me to help her with the pronunciation of the Dutch language. And she wanted me to teach her some sentences that she could actually use in the Netherlands. So I taught her sentences like: hey how are you? How do you like it here? What are you studying? I think Lyydia is very good in remembering sentences. And that’s amazing because she is learning such a different language.

Lyydia taught me a lot of verbs and words which I think are very useful. I also learned how to say what’s mine in Finnish. I really liked to learn verbs. It helps me understand the Finnish language a lot better. I can even understand some Finnish words when I hear Finnish conversations on the streets.

I had a great afternoon and I’ve learned a lot. We laughed a lot in Oma’s and I believe that fun is one of the most important things in life. Especially when you’re trying to learn something.



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