Second meeting EOTO @ Stockmann

Our second meeting for the Each One Teach One Course was at the 29th of September. We agreed to meet at Stockmann in the city centre. We already switched from meeting outside, where it is cold and windy, to somewhere inside.  

First of all Diego, Bastian and me walked through the shop. It was our plan to learn some basic words in the store. When we walked to the store once again I realised how much Dutch and German are similar to each other. For example ‘backpack’ is in the Netherlands called ‘rugzak’. In German it is Rucksack and it sounds almost the same. And the word ‘scarf’ is in Dutch called ‘sjaal’. In German it is called Schal.  

How different it is with Spanish. It is not similar to each other at all. Diego told us about the tone from Uruguayan people and the differences with the European Spanish speaking people. It is quite different he said, they even have very different words. Sometimes he even has to explain to Spanish people what he meant. It was quite interesting to hear about that. Thereafter we went to the cafe at the store where we had a coffee. We named some products which you can buy at a regular cafe. Here is a small list with words we discussed: 

camisa > overhemd                                      cup > taza

camiseta > t-shirt                                           chair > silla

almohada > pillow                                         knife > cuchillo

cobija > blanket                                             spoon > cuchara

lampara > lamp                                             fork > tenedor

cap > gorro                                                    plate > plato 


The next time, probably in one week, we will meet at the Sky Bar in the city centre. There we can go on with learning some words in Spanish and German!

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