EOTO 27 September 2016

Today Lyydia taught me how to count in Finnish from one untill ten. It was a lot of fun. In my opinion it wasn´t that difficult to count from one untill five in Finnish, but it got more difficult from six untill ten. And Lyydia also taught me the Finnish slang. Thankfully counting in slang isn´t that difficult as counting in official Finnish.

I taught Lyydia how to order a drink in Dutch.  And how to say I´m sorry I don´t understand you among other usefull things. I think she did a great job. It suprises me how fast Lyydia picks up the Dutch lines and that she remembers everything the next day.

It was a lot of fun to teach Lyydia these sentences because I know that she will really use these sentences when she wants to visit the Netherlands.


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