1.Each one Teach one Meeting: Munkki Café


I am Natalie Pöckl from Munich (Germany) and I am together in a “Each one Teach one” group with another German girl named Selina and a Finish girl, Inka. Therefore I want to learn the finish language in addition to my class “Basics of Finnish”, because I think it’s a really good opportunity to meet new people, get to know the culture and traditions and have a native speaker who could help you. On the other side I am also looking forward to teach her something about Germany and help her with the German language.

Our first meeting was on Thursday in the Pynikki Munkki Café, where we met for the first time in real life. While we were eating Munkkis 20160929_155142and drinking tea/coffee, we talked a lot about ourselves to get to know each other better. I also learned some facts about the Finish way of life. Inka told us that the Finnish people usually eat a lot of Munkkis on the 1.Mai. On this day all the students walk around the town with their colourful overalls drink, eat and have fun. Afterwards Selina and I told her about the traditions in our cities. Even though we both live in Germany we have different traditions on this date. In Bavaria it is usual to mount a maypole and after that there are special celebrations, where people dress with typical clothing and dance around the maypole.

Furthermore we also talked about where we are from and what we study. Thereby I also learned something about the education system in Finland. She told us that all finish pupils have to learn Swedish as a foreign language starting in the 7th class, because of the closeness to Sweden and because there are still some regions where people speak mostly Swedish. Apart from English Inka told us that she also learned French and German in school, but German only for two years and that’s why she wants to refresh her knowledge.

Afterwards we talked about the bad weather in Finland, because it was raining all afternoon long. Inka told us a story about the coldest temperature she had experienced. It was -35 degrees and she and her friends went hiking, which turned out as a bad idea because after some minutes their feet were frozen. That’s why she advised us never to go out in such a bad weather. Furthermore she also assured us that until the end of December, when we are going to leave Finland, the temperature should be around 1 to -10 degrees and so bearable for us.

Besides we also got to know something about the nature of Finland. The reason for this is that Inka lives in a town close to a National Park and therefore goes hiking quite often. That’s why she told us that the nature is really beautiful and that we have to visit a National Park once during our stay in Finland.

At the end of our meeting we also discussed about arranging a day of the week, where we are going to meet weekly. After that we talked about what we want to learn like being able to understand the most important things in daily live and what we could do in our next meetings for instance going to a hockey game or cooking some traditional food.

See you until our next meeting.



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