#1 The First meeting 2/10/2016

Aino and Jose have already met before but this was the first meeting for me. I wasn’t on their first meeting because I just recently became part of their team. For me, the main point of this course is that I’ll get rid of my shyness and start using my English with courage. Instead of apologizing all the time for my bad English, I actually need to practice how to spell the words correctly and how to find suitable words while having a real conversation.

This first meeting was really challenging but it actually went pretty well. Way better than what I thought it would! We met at the Koskikeskus and had a little conversation there. I have known Aino since last year so I concentrated on getting to know Jose. It was easy to listen his story but reeeeally hard for me to introduce myself. Well, I hope next time I won’t get so nervous. This was the first step to get rid of my insecurity!

The next move was Moomin exhibition. The idea was to show Jose some Finnish culture by exploring Tove Janssons artwork. Jose told us that he knew Moomins already from his childhood, but it never was the thing like it is here in Finland. Unlike in Spain, almost every Finnish child knows the names of main characters and at least a few stories from cartoon. It really is a big deal here 😀

Then we went to Sara Hilden’s art museum to see Ron Muecks exhibition. It was stunning collection of realistic human sculptures! We stopped at each sculpture to analyze what feelings woke up of it and then exchanged our impressions with each other. It was interesting to notice how the same piece of art could bring so different meanings for each of us.

img_20161002_162609 img_20161002_163819

Oh, and I learned one word of Spanish:

Apua! = Socorro!

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  1. It is really great you want to face your fears.
    That is how one learns and grows!
    – Taru

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