Second meeting: Spanish/Italian

Ciao amiche! Last Friday Arianna and I had our second meeting! It has been quite complicated to find time in our busy schedules to meet before, but we could do it this time tough.

The main library of Tampere was the place we decided to go this time- its second floor has a little canteen suitable for learning languages. Even though it was quiet, been in a place with food always make you start thinking in food. So the topic for our meeting was “food”, and some other simple phrases used in restaurants and when we asked about our precedence. Use of articles and some pronunciation problems were also discussed 😀 – specially for me, there is a sound in Italian that I can’t pronounce “gl”, I’m a mess!

We made fun of a fruit called: plantain, because in Mexico we know it as “plátano macho (Spanish)/ platano (Italian)”, but when someone hears the word “macho” the first idea will come to his mind will be:


Hahahaha, funny, isn’t it?

Odescarga-1r, what about the word “solito”? In Spanish could be translated as a person who is alone (in diminutive), but in Italian is usually; so when Arianna taught me “Che cosa mangi di solito a pranzo?” (what do you usually have for lunch?) I start laughing, because I imagined a person eating alone. ebbo3


Then, time to find interesting words in Italian came, and I could find: “frutti di mare/mariscos”, that is seafood, but if we translate it word by word literally I got this image in my mind -haha, maybe not.

Too much fun after a time since our first meeting, but also too much vocabulary and many other phrases. I believe that I can understand more in lyrics from Italian songs now.

Alla prossima volta!

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