Get to know each other

Our first appointment took place in a calm and comfortable pub in the city. We wanted to get to know each other on the first meeting, try to make clear what we expect from this course and how we imagined the further meetings.

We were talking about our stay here in Tampere and if we enjoy it, what we do during the week and the weekends and which journeys we are going to do.

Quite quickly we talked about typical habits and traditions from each country.

Coralie explained that she’s not used to live in such a small and calm city like Tampere and that she misses her hometown Paris. I, in comparison, enjoy the nature and tranquility of Tampere compared to Munich.

We also compared the differences in Christmas traditions, for example that in Germany we have a “Christkindlmarkt”, a market with small, wooden houses where you can buy hot spiced wine, sugar almonds or sausages.

Javier mentioned that in Spain they celebrate Christmas until the 6th of January and that they have a tradition on New Year’s Eve: they eat grapes in the last few seconds of the year.

Coralie explained that in France young people don’t really like to go out for dinner because it is so expensive. And she also told about a really typical dish from Paris: the legs of a frog. In Spain it is traditional to eat snails. Both things don’t really sound appealing to me, but at least it’s quite interesting.

It was really nice to get to know each other and I’m looking forward to our next meetings.

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