Cafe Europa

What’s this 2 meetings in one week!? Meeting number 6 once again happened over coffee, one of my favourite beverages , in Café Europa.

Alex and I discussed the differences in living between Austria and Scotland. I had heard that in Germany people prefer to rent rather than buy their own place. Alex said in Austria the dream would be to have your own home in the countryside. In Scotland it is a little mixed I don’t really know if their is an ideal home some people want a flat in the hustle and bustle of the city, others want a quiet country life.

We discussed prepositions again and how there is no hard and fast rule about which preposition to use, you really need to understand the two words that you are describing the relationship between and their relationship to one another then pick the right preposition.

I learned 2 new verbs today, hören – to listen/hear and spielen – to play.

I also took the opportunity to ask Alex about the letter ß which sounds like an s. When ß is used it means that the sound before it is a short sound like in the word heiße. This is useful to know as it helps me work out the pronunciation of a word. I have been using an app to help with learning more vocabulary and sentence construction and I am hopeful that  I will be able to hold a short conversation in German soon.


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