IV – Sunset, Wine, and a birthday

The big advantage of living next to a lake in September and in a country that has no mountains is the certainty of catching a beautiful sunset in an astonishing environment. Since I love being in nature, I already took the time for finding the perfect spot for watching the sunset. Our meeting was more a spur of the moment idea, but nevertheless we both could make some time for this EOTO session. We met about twenty minutes before the sunset, so we had enough time to stroll there and make ourselves comfortable. I wanted to surprise Essi and brought a little selection of white and sparkling wines with me. Luckily, Essi came not unprepared either; She brought a warm blanket with her. Although it was so peaceful quiet and absolutely amazing to watch, it cooled down rapidly after the sun set, so I was really thankful for the blanket.

Essi started to teach me the months and the seasons in Suomi – an absolutely hopeless attempt. The words don’t make any sense to me at all and it will take me some time to remember them. Luckily for me, Essi had similar problems but we thought we will pick them up again another time and don’t break our heads now and rather enjoy the last moments of the sunset.

Essi invited me to join her to a birthday of her friend Ella. Of course I couldn’t say no to that and so we went directly to Ella’s place after it got dark. By the time we arrived at Ella’s place, some of her friends were already there. All of them were really nice people and out of respect for me, they tried to speak as much English as possible the whole evening. I really appreciated that gesture. When it comes to names, I still have some problems remembering them. Finnish names just sound so differently than the ones I am used to. Nevertheless, after some attempts I do remember when connecting them with the person’s face.

What I’ve learned from that party while talking to those Finnish students is, that no matter if you are in Switzerland or Finland, students problem do not differ that much whatever country you are from.
By the time I was walking home I realized how cold the nights have been becoming.

Talvi on tulossa


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