German-Korean meeting #1

There are four people in our group – Yen from Vietnam, Egi from Greece, Rossi from Germany, and me Eddie (Seung Yub) from South Korea. We have four nationalities in our group, but we focus more on learning Korean and German languages and cultures.

We first started with talking about what we were going to learn, and all the details about further plans like the time and the places we meet.

After that, Rossi and I had the first lessons. Rossi went first with a nicely prepared presentation. He had a great presentation about basic information about Germany such as German history, stereotypes, and cultures. I was always so interest on this nation Germany and their cultures and history, so this was such a great topic to start with for me. I do not know how others thought about this, but it was good to know little bit about what happened to Germany in the past and the true and false things that people thought about Germany!

And then I continued with my stuff. I didn’t prepare any presentation, but I decided to teach them some basic korean alphabets, because we use a completely different alphabets and it wouldn’t be possible to learn korean language if they didn’t know the alphabets.

I have done teaching Korean for a couple of times in the past, but I realized that teaching a language is a difficult thing to do. But gladly Rossi and Yen were already pretty familiar with Korean alphabets, so it seemed like they could handle it, but for Egi, it was a total new thing to learn for her, and I could see she was having a hard time reading my handwritings and understanding everything.

After I finished mine, we asked Egi to teach us some Greek alphabets, and she wrote all of them down. There were many familiar looking alphabets from Math and Physics classes. It was interesting, but still really difficult. I could then understand how Egi felt about learning my alphabets.

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