Po lese

One day we went for a walk through the Pyynikki forest. Helena wanted to go down to the shore, so that’s where we went.

We went down the longest staircase I know. By my previous calculation it should be 138 steps long. But keeping count that long without making mistakes, is really hard. We came up with a good idea to find out what the right number of steps was: She should count it in Finnish while I would do the  same in Czech. I was so slow that I gave up around 40. She made it all the way down, and got 139.

We talked about Christmas rituals. She said they eat heavily five days in a row, which we do maybe three… They go on visits through the entire family in that time, while we tend to meet, outside the household, only the grandparents and maybe the aunts. They, at Christmas, make home-made chocolates. We bake more dough-y things. They eat carp, we eat ham and casseroles and whatnot.


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