Pyynikki tower on 22.10.2016

Patty really wants to see more of Tampere since she’s already halfway through with her exchange here so I took her to Pyynikki on Saturday. It was super cold and autumn-y but it was really pretty there and Patty was really amazed with Finnish nature. I think it might’ve been the first time she was really around it…

We walked around at the beach and kind of walked through the little part of the ”forest” and Patty was really amazed at me actually being more of a country girl. I told her I grew up playing in Finnish forests and I think most Finnish kids from the 90s have.

Of course we had to go to the café so that Patty could try the infamous donuts that they serve in the Pyynikki café. We had hot chocolates and shared one donut.

Since we had learned proper, usable sentences the past two EOTO sessions that we did in the Netherlands, we wanted to make this one a bit easier on both of us so we decided to just teach each other words. They were all related to our day in Pyynikki and I didn’t find it too difficult to remember them but pronouncing some of them was rather difficult. It was a bit surprising since I had done so well with using my Dutch in Holland but I guess you just can’t have a good session every single time (when it comes to the actual learning part).

Patty didn’t have her most amazing learning session in terms of remembering words but we still had a laugh and hopefully we’ll both remember at least some of the words.

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