Second meeting with Ryoko / 21.09.2016

Our second meeting with Ryoko took place at the Fazer Café. We decided to meet before going to school so we could have late breakfast at the café while studying together.

We put final touches to a task we did together. In the task we had to compare Finland and Japan and we actually discussed about that in general as well. We also checked what corrections we made to each other’s texts in our diary. Ryoko corrected some words in kanji that I had only written in hiragana. It was very useful for me. 🙂

Then we chatted about school stuff in general, our courses, classmates and so on. This both in Japanese and Finnish! It was fun to hear someone’s opinion who is in the same class and how they see things. 😀 

We still kept talking in Japanese when we took the bus together to school. People gave us quite surprised looks, which was funny to me. Well, I guess you don’t hear Japanese that much in Tampere…

whatsapp-image-2016-11-02-at-19-46-27  My breakfast @ Fazer Café 🙂

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