JAP/FIN 4th Meeting 4.11.

It’s been over a month but we’re back at this again!

Our fourth meeting took place at the TAMK main campus library. We started by helping each other with our homework from language courses. After five weeks this helped us to see the progress that we’ve both made individually.

This time I learned these:

…と ささきます(to sasayakimasu) means ‘to whisper'(in a bit romantic way)

…と つぶやきます(to tsubuyakimasu) means almost the same but is used when someone is talking to himself or ‘tweeting’ on Twitter

…と さけびます(to sakebimasu) means ‘to scream’

After language things we of course got carried away and talked about various cultural things including differences in celebrating Christmas, my Asian Programme online courses and Natsume Soseki’s book Sanshiro which I read lately and which Nao has read previously.

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