5th meeting – Time for something extreme!

That day I wanted to find out if Sam is extreme enough to face the cold water. I live in the city centre and there is a swimming place just a few minutes from my place. It’s a place where the water from the lake is connecting with the rapids, Tammerkoski. While the sauna was heating up, we changed and decided to go for it and face the water! We were not the only ones there, so we had no other choise than just do it. The water was just under 10 degrees and yes, it was freaking cold! Maybe next challenge will be to take a swim in the ice hole. Hopefully that will be possible in December while Sam is still here haha.

a93f231da753b23c8beaba1b65ac7e43340ee69aAfter the swimming, we finally got to the warmed up sauna. I thought that we finnish people are quite okay with nudity but it was surprising when Sam told me that in Switzerland people do not wear swim wear in the mixed public saunas. I mean,  they are ahead of us in our own culture! Anyway, we were sharing experiences of our own cultures more than learning the languages. What would be more convinient place for that than of course sauna. Later on we watched a movie, Fool’s Gold, which has been filmed in the Caribbean and really brought back some memories and a great feeling. Overall we had a very nice evening!

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