3. meeting – 29. 10.

As a topic of our 3.meeting we had chosen to do a movie night. We decided to watch movies, which we like the most. My favourite is The Great Gatsby and Klementine´s is Memories of a Geisha. It was really good evening and I think we both enjoyed it.

We didn´t learn any special words which would be connected with the topic “movies” but we named all the things in the room in both languages. It was really funny because in our languages the pronunciation is extremely difficult. The words sounded hilarious.

We also talked about movies and series running in our countries. I learnt that Hungarian people love comedies, especially “Indul a bakterház,” which is an old comedy, but still very popular among all people. Moreover, we found out that in our countries people enjoy more movies which are dubbed into our languages than movies in original language with subtitles.

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