6th meeting “German dish”

Hello everyone,

For this 6th meeting we chose another time the house of the German girls: Magdalena and Tanja; on the same day as before a Wednesday 09.11.2016 . To cook some special dish

Semmelknödel mit Schwammerlsoße
Semmelknödel mit Schwammerlsoße

from Germany called “Semmelknödel mit Schwammerlsoße”.


During the dish preparing which takes a lot of time, maybe 1 hour, we were playing card games that we played in other meetings such as rummikub or the brisca, because we enjoyed a lot playing these games before. Also, sometime we were helping Tanja to cook. While we were helping them to cook it we were learning a lot of new vocabulary in German, Spanish, and French.


Spanish                                                         French                                                         German

1 Cebolla grande                                     gros oignon                                                   große Zwiebel

10 g Mantequilla                                      10 g de beurre                                                10 g Butter

3 Cucharadas de perejil             3 cuillères à soupe de persil                  3 Esslöffel Petersilie

250 ml de leche                                       250 ml de lait                                                250 ml Milch

3 Huevos                                                          3 oeufs                                                            3 Eier

6 Trozos de pan duro                        6 pièces de pain dur                                   6 alte brötchen

Sal                                                                            sel                                                                 Salz

Pimienta negra                                               Poivre                                                           Pfeffer

Pan rallado                                                   chapelure                                                 Semmelbrösel

Media cebolla                                             demi oignon                                             eine halbe Zwiebel

Nata                                                               crème fraîche                                                  Sahne

Bacon                                                                  bacon                                                            Speck

Setas                                                              Champignon                                                    Pilze

Moreover, I realized that this dish has some similarities with the pizza because you also have to shape the dough. It was completely a mess:




Finally, the wait was worth it, it was really good. Probably, I will try to cook when I come back to Spain.

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