FIN/SWE – Eight Date

This time we went to Vohvelikahvila, and it was my first time ever going to a place like that. I loved it!

This time we focused more on Swedish, and Elli started talking 😀 She does know how to say stuff, it is just to climb over the barrier that always is there, keeping you from trusting yourself.

I do think that is the main problem with Finns and Swedish, the feeling that they can’t say anything and that they are bad at the language (schools, DO something about the language learning system!). That and some attitude problems probably learned from a very young age. At least it’s been that way for me trying to learn Finnish.

But back to our meeting. We sat there for a bit over an hour, eating amazing waffles and drinking something warm (it was so cold outside). I spoke Swedish the entire time and Elli changed between Swedish, Finnish and sometimes English when I couldn’t figure out a word from Finnish. I learned a new word as well (that I remembered to write down): uuvuttaa = dĂ„sig/sliten = drowsy/worn out

We have no idea what we will do next time, but I think it might very well be food related. Because who doesn’t love food?


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