The third meeting with Anna

Now we went to the forest, like we had planed last time. There was a little bit dark and cold outside, so we made decision that we won´t be there a long time. When we came from the forest we went to the library. Our meeting last about one hour.

We gave names for stuff in the forest using English and Finnish languages. Its was a little bit hard to try explain something for English without any translator. It was hard to use translator becouse my fingers were freezing. I was little bit incicure to name for something in forest using Finnish so it be almost impossible to tell it for Anna.  It was the same problem again like our first meeting. I didin´t know for sure, what meant what in my own language.

We also talked something our private life. It was nice to know better something about Anna. It is always interesting talk with people who is different life avent than me.


Some things that Anna has taught to me

Leaf/ Leafs = lehti/ lehdet

Tree = Puu

Koivu = birch

Path = polku

forestpath = metsäpolku

needle = neulanen


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