10 November 2016 EOTO in WINTER WONDERLAND

I told Lyydia from the day that I met her that I love snow. She did warn me a little bit because she wasn’t sure if I would see snow because I will only stay in Finland until the middle of December. So you can imagine that I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was snowing every day for the past week.


So after school, Lyydia took me for a nice afternoon walk. She took me to the forest behind TAMK. It was so beautiful. It made me so happy. I just love snow and nature. So it was a perfect setting to do a EOTO session during our beautiful walk. Here are some sentences that taught each other in our language:

  • It’s snowing
  • Let’s go for a nature walk
  • Are you tired
  • Watch out it’s slippery here
  • The water is frozen
  • It is getting dark
  • Let’s go back


So these are perfect sentences to teach each other because we actually used them. So they fit in the setting perfectly.


I really liked to teach Lyydia these sentences because these are sentences that you could use in the Netherlands because we have snow to.


It took a little bit longer for me to learn the sentences because Finnish is obviously a difficult language.


I can say that I’m still having a lot a of fun with the EOTO course. It is also very helpful for me because I’m in the basic of Finnish course and my exam is coming closer now.


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