5th double EOTO meeting at Ada’s place

After school on 10.11, we gathered at Ada’s place to share some Japanese culture. While we were waiting for other members, Ada and I were playing/studying Japanese learning purposed Nintendo game. Ada remembers Kanji very well although she was so generous.

We spoke sometime  in Finnish as well. We cooked Japanese curry together with Nao. When the food is ready Toni arrived to Ada’s place. We were talking about how Japanese people are interested in Finnish culture and  I gave some tips for visiting Japan.

This was not for learning language but for sharing culture thus it was good for fun I thought. Maybe next time I would like to study Finnish more. Time flies! We have only 5 times left 😮

Num num curry...
Num num curry…
Ada study Kanji(Chinese character) with Nintendo.
Ada study Kanji(Chinese character) with Nintendo.

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