Meeting six at the sauna

Hello everyone,

For our 6th Each One Teach One meeting we decided to go to the public sauna in Rauhaniemi. This was for me actually the first I went there. I think we were the only foreigners at the place at that time. It was fun to see how the locals had a great time at the sauna. We wanted to do the sauna at the typical Finnish way. So when we came out the sauna we went directly into the lake.

We decided for this time that we would not pay that much attention on the vocabulary. Christmas is coming so we wanted to talk about the differences and/or similarities between that in our countries.

Diego told us that they exchange gifts in Uruguay at the night on the 24th of December. On that day they like to have a huge diner together, with a lot of meat of course, and listen to some music they like. After this there are a lot of fireworks, which they like to watch together. And in the end, at midnight, they actually give the presents to each other. The 25th and the 26th they like to visit some other members of the family.

In The Netherlands we also visit our family the 25th and 26th for Christmas. Besides that, most of the households in The Netherlands owns an own Christmas tree. Under this tree we put the presents which we exchange on the 24th. Common to eat for Christmas is turkey or some other big meat. Besides that people like to watch live music concerts for Christmas or go to the church.

And Bastian told us that his Christmas is quite similar to Diego and mine. Except that the Christmas markets are a big thing in Germany. A lot of people like to go there with Christmas, there they also have Glühwein which is a hot wine. And people like to eat goose at that time. Besides that the way we celebrate Christmas is quite the same!

It was a relaxed meeting in the sauna where we talked about our way to celebrate Christmas. This was already our 6th meeting so only a couple left!


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