Fazer Cafe Afternoon

This Saturday we wanted to go to the same cafe like last time. Unfortunately it was already closed so we decided to go to Fazer Cafe which is close to Keskustori.

I tried to help Jasper with finding information about music universities in Czech Republic and their entrance exam requirements. We found out that is it quite confusing because in some countries are universities where you can study music called conservatory (konzervatoř). But in my country we have Janáček Conservatory which is a high school and Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts which is a University. 

Then we tried to find the longest czech, german and finnish words (actually I have no idea why we started with that but it was fun) and I have to say that the finnish one was the worst, hardest to read, I think for both of us 😀

As we were checking some czech and finnish news we saw something about Black Friday and I searched for more information about it. Why is it called like that, when it started etc. because we realised we don’t know much about that event. Well, I am glad that here in Finland (as the rest of the Europe) is not such a big thing like in the United States and people aren’t so crazy about shopping on Black Friday.

It was a nice afternoon and I will probably come there again.

Ps.: If you have time you should definitely go there and try their caramel & almond cake 😉  


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