3rd meeting: making some Gluten-free brownies

For our first meeting we made Brownies together. They are Gluten free because Madelyn is gluten Intolerant.

She told me the story that since 2 years the doctor saw gluten are Gluten intolerant and that it is very difficult for her to eat something and to find Gluten-free food.

I learned Madelyn the ingredients of the Brownies in French and Madelyn learned me the words in German.

Eggs= des oeufs (we talked about the prononciation of the word because its very difficult)
Sugar= du sucre
Butter= du beurre
Chocolate= du chocolat
Eggs= die Eier
Sugar= der Zucker
Butter= die Butter
Chocolate= die Schokolade

In German every noun is written with a capital letter. The articles: der = male, die= female, das= neutral.
In French = un (male), une (female), des (plural)
Now we talked about the German and Belgian culture about eating desserts in the afternoon. We both realized that we really like desserts and that is the reason why we decide to make some brownies together during our second meeting.

  • The German specialities: Apfelstrüdel, Bavarian cream, Rote Grütze, kalter Hund
  • The Belgian specialities: Belgian chocolates, Belgian Waffles, des Moeulleux, Pancakes, Chocolat mousse

I explained that the difference between the waffle from Brussels (more soft) and the Sugarwaffle from Liège.


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