Moro Sky Bar – 7th meeting

Hi everyone!

Yesterday Karla and I decided to go to the Moro sky bar to talk in a relaxed environment while looking at Tampere with its evening lights 🙂 it is just an amazing place!

To begin, she tested my Spanish for half an hour and I could understand her quite often but sometimes she used some word that I didn’t know, and we tried to say some phrases in English, Spanish and Italian. She asked me how we greet in Italy and we compared it with the Finnish way and it is so different ahah but we both like the “this is my space” way of thinking when we are meeting someone for the first time 🙂

we talked about motorcycles because her uncle (“tío”,”zio”) and my sister’s boyfriend have one and they both love them and they still drive a motorcycle even if once they had an accident. Then, as my cusin and my aunt are both pregnant, we started to talk about young women pregnancy and how this affect families in our two countries, but I discovered that in Italy and in Mexico we have almost the same point of view.

Finland is expensive, so we were talking about studying abroad and living in another country and how difficult it is to find a job in our two countries.

It’s impressive to find out at every meeting that Italy and Mexico have so many things (both good and bad) in common and it’s always a pleasure to spend some time with Karla 🙂

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