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Moro Sky Bar – 7th meeting

Hi everyone!

Yesterday Karla and I decided to go to the Moro sky bar to talk in a relaxed environment while looking at Tampere with its evening lights 🙂 it is just an amazing place!

To begin, she tested my Spanish for half an hour and I could understand her quite often but sometimes she used some word that I didn’t know, and we tried to say some phrases in English, Spanish and Italian. She asked me how we greet in Italy and we compared it with the Finnish way and it is so different ahah but we both like the “this is my space” way of thinking when we are meeting someone for the first time 🙂

we talked about motorcycles because her uncle (“tío”,”zio”) and my sister’s boyfriend have one and they both love them and they still drive a motorcycle even if once they had an accident. Then, as my cusin and my aunt are both pregnant, we started to talk about young women pregnancy and how this affect families in our two countries, but I discovered that in Italy and in Mexico we have almost the same point of view.

Finland is expensive, so we were talking about studying abroad and living in another country and how difficult it is to find a job in our two countries.

It’s impressive to find out at every meeting that Italy and Mexico have so many things (both good and bad) in common and it’s always a pleasure to spend some time with Karla 🙂

9th meeting – Christmas vibes

Since I like Christmas so much, I wanted us to visit the stable yard – Tallipiha. This was just to get a hint of the Christmas spirit with all the lights and candles they have there. We arrived sadly a bit late15292792_10154749593272630_1627510163_o so all the little shops weren’t open any longer but we were lucky to get to visit some of them. First we visited the chocolate shop Suklaapuoti. They were super friendly to explain about the different products they are selling and we got to try the amazing truffles they have. Those are the only truffles made in the northern countries, actually in Sweden. Totally worth going there and trying those out! Sam even purchased some of those to enjoy them later on as well at home. In the other shop they even had a couple of sheeps and a 9-years-old donkey called Ukko.

After visiting some of the little shops it was getting cold and we needed something warm to drink. What would be better than warm Glögi? So we sat down and ordered one each. Sam was surprised that I knew the german word glühwein, which is the German version of glögi. Here are some of the Christmas related words I learned:

Weihnachtsmann – joulupukkitallipihan_suklaapuoti_4733

Weihnachtsbaum – joulukuusi

Heiligabend – jouluaatto

Weihnachtsgeschenk – joululahja

Fröhliche Weihnachten – Hyvää Joulua

Fazer Cafe Afternoon

This Saturday we wanted to go to the same cafe like last time. Unfortunately it was already closed so we decided to go to Fazer Cafe which is close to Keskustori.

I tried to help Jasper with finding information about music universities in Czech Republic and their entrance exam requirements. We found out that is it quite confusing because in some countries are universities where you can study music called conservatory (konzervatoř). But in my country we have Janáček Conservatory which is a high school and Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts which is a University. 

Then we tried to find the longest czech, german and finnish words (actually I have no idea why we started with that but it was fun) and I have to say that the finnish one was the worst, hardest to read, I think for both of us 😀

As we were checking some czech and finnish news we saw something about Black Friday and I searched for more information about it. Why is it called like that, when it started etc. because we realised we don’t know much about that event. Well, I am glad that here in Finland (as the rest of the Europe) is not such a big thing like in the United States and people aren’t so crazy about shopping on Black Friday.

It was a nice afternoon and I will probably come there again.

Ps.: If you have time you should definitely go there and try their caramel & almond cake 😉  


Cafe Amurin Helmi

On Sunday 16.11. we decided to go to a cafe. We chose the cafe Amurin Helmi. It is a cosy place with nice food and a lot of space and it is close to the city center, so if you are looking for a place to stay with your friends, I can recommend it.

That day was snowing the whole afternoon and it was very cold so I think we made a right decision to stay inside. We took some cake and coffee (hot chocolate) and spent our time talking about the differences between universities in Finland and in the Czech Republic, the school system, structure of the lessons and so on. We also discussed some czech grammar for example the confusing fact that if you use a time expression, you can use a present tense when talking about the future.  

I also learned a few finnish words such as:

Lautanen – Plate

Kakku – Cake

Lusikka – Spoon

Kuppi – Cup

Pöytä – Table

Tuoli – Chair



8th meeting – Surprise!


On our eight meeting Sam had planned to surprise me with something delicios, chocolate fondue! Both him and me being chocolate lovers, this was something that we both enjoyed really much. He had different fruits and berries that we dipped into melted milk chocolate.  I have had chocolate fondue before as well, but it was a long time ago so this was just perfect. Of course it happened again that we ate way too much sweet and felt bad afterwards. This was partially because we had way too much fruits and berries. I was so happy I didn’t have to move further than to my bed after all that sugar.

Sam tried to teach me how to pronounce a really lond word in German: Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (?!?!) I think  I did okay with the pronounciation, but he seemed to think differently by just laughing when I tried to say it. By return I asked him to say a following word in Finnish which contains 34 letters: peruspalveluliikelaitoskuntayhtymä. This isn’t even the longest word we have so it couldn’t have been that bad to say that. In my opinion if you just remember a word “noniin”, you are able to communicate in various situations. Finnish isn’t that bad what people think!

Meeting six at the sauna

Hello everyone,

For our 6th Each One Teach One meeting we decided to go to the public sauna in Rauhaniemi. This was for me actually the first I went there. I think we were the only foreigners at the place at that time. It was fun to see how the locals had a great time at the sauna. We wanted to do the sauna at the typical Finnish way. So when we came out the sauna we went directly into the lake.

We decided for this time that we would not pay that much attention on the vocabulary. Christmas is coming so we wanted to talk about the differences and/or similarities between that in our countries.

Diego told us that they exchange gifts in Uruguay at the night on the 24th of December. On that day they like to have a huge diner together, with a lot of meat of course, and listen to some music they like. After this there are a lot of fireworks, which they like to watch together. And in the end, at midnight, they actually give the presents to each other. The 25th and the 26th they like to visit some other members of the family.

In The Netherlands we also visit our family the 25th and 26th for Christmas. Besides that, most of the households in The Netherlands owns an own Christmas tree. Under this tree we put the presents which we exchange on the 24th. Common to eat for Christmas is turkey or some other big meat. Besides that people like to watch live music concerts for Christmas or go to the church.

And Bastian told us that his Christmas is quite similar to Diego and mine. Except that the Christmas markets are a big thing in Germany. A lot of people like to go there with Christmas, there they also have Glühwein which is a hot wine. And people like to eat goose at that time. Besides that the way we celebrate Christmas is quite the same!

It was a relaxed meeting in the sauna where we talked about our way to celebrate Christmas. This was already our 6th meeting so only a couple left!


8th: National storytelling

The 8th meeting was about storytelling. National stories. The stories that have been told decades maybe centuries among the nation. Here in Finland we have for example Kalevala. Then we have many stories about the animals living in the forests.

One really famous story is how the bear lost his tail. Because of course bears had a long tai© Anna Seppo 2010.l
before time. Usually in Finnish storytelling the fox is the smart and sneaky one and for example bear is the dumb one. In this story fox had stolen fish from a man and went to eat them in the forest. The bear came and asked how the fox had got so many fish. The fox told the bear to go to lake and find the ice fishing hole the man had made. Then he should put his tale to the hole and sit there the whole night and in the morning the fish will be hanging in his tale. In the morning fox had told to the man that the bear is trying to spoil the ice fishing place and the man and his wife went to the lake trying to banish the bear. The hole had expired during the night and the bear had to struggle himself away. Finally the tail of the bear snapped and the bear got away. This is the reason for the short tail of the bear. (Picture: Anna Seppo, 2010).

At the moment when the man and his wife were on the lake fox had gone to their house and was eating the cream from the housewife’s churn. It was so delicious the fox went deeper and deeper to the churn and suddenly the housewife came back. She took a churn piston and started to chase the fox. They run all over the house and in the end the fox got to the door and escaped. When the tail of the fox was still inside the housewife hit the tail with the piston and that’s how the fox got his white tail tip.

And how about Malaysia? What kind of stories they have? Chrystal told me this The LegendNäytetään 20161116_192940.jpg of Puteri Gunung Ledang. There was a sultan who wanted to marry this really beautiful lady living in the Mount Gunung Ledang. The lady was like a dream and maybe not a human at all. The sultan send some ministers to ask her marry the sultan. The princess had seven conditions for the sultan to solve. After he getting through all of them the princess is willing to marry him. The conditions were for example building a golden bridge from the mountain to his palace and a silver one back to mountain. The last condition was to get bowl of sultan’s son’s blood. The sultan had got through every else than the last one and he started to hesitate. Eventually the sultan decides to fulfil this last condition but the lady comes to stop him. She never thought the sultan could fulfil all seven conditions and after he could have fulfil even the last one the princess refused to marry him.

Näytetään 20161116_193438.jpgAnother story I heard from Malaysia is the story about a boy called Si Tanggang. He got captured by a pirate ship and was forced to slavery. Over the years Si Tanggang married the captain’s daughter and he achieved a valued position in the crew. Eventually after captain’s death Si Tanggang became the captain. In some point his ship sailed alongside his hometown. His parents saw him and started to wave and shout to him. Still, he was like he doesn’t know them and said some bad things about them. After a while the storm arose after his mother prayers. Si Tanggang’s ship got to the storm and the ship got battered and he got to water funds. He was frightened and started to beg for forgiveness. In the end his wife, his crew and himself got underwater…

These are just few stories we talked about – we had a few more – but I think this is enough! 😉 Again more about the culture and how people in our cultures see and experience the world and what we value about. Still a lot of learning! 🙂

Sixth meeting in a cafe

When we were discussing about the place to our next meeting we mentioned how great was the last one.

So, we repeated the cafe, Runo Kahvi, where we met last time. We’d really enjoyed talking about literature and different authors, but this time we tried with some new expressions that we use in our daily conversations.

We looked up on internet some Spanish quotes and expressions and we explained to Christina, then she could find it in German. It was funny in different ways how can we say the same, even in different cultures.

Lo siento – Es tut mir leid – I’m sorry
Tiene pájaros en la cabeza – Einën vogel haben – You have birds on your head
Quedarse de piedra – Es hat mich vom Hocker – Be shocked/surprised
Estoy muy cansada – Ich bin fix und fertig – I’m exhausted


We had a nice morning and good chatting. I realized that learning German would be difficult due to the many differences in the language but at least I learnt a lot of things related to that. And we find some similarities:

Aus einer Mücke einën Elefanten – Convierte un mosquito en un elefante – They exaggerate everything, they become a mosquito in a elephant.

And one surprising phrase: Das kommt mir Spanisch vor – Me suena a chino
The German say Spanish language is incomprehensible, when they say something and you don’t understand what they are talking about. In Spain, we say it relating to Chinese language.

For the next meeting, David and I decided to start looking for something in order to help Christina to be easier the learning process.


German / Spanish Tenth Meeting

For our last meeting we decided to make something different so we went to Kissakahvila Purnauskis, Tampere’s Cat Cafe. It was a great place to learn German and Spanish — since many expressions and words could come to our minds — as well as a fantastic way to do our last meeting more interesting. It was therefore an amazing cultural and linguistic chance.


The topics we treated focused mainly on talking about things we saw in the café. Therefore, we tried saying sentences about the cats in German and Spanish asking the words we did not know. Some of the vocabulary and expressions that came up were:

I have a cat / Ich habe eine kater / Yo tengo un gato

Relaxed / Entspannen / Relajado

Fat cat / Dicke katze / Gato Gordo

It was great discovering how informal vocabulary, completely useful for everyday life, came to our minds much easier in this relaxed ambience. This was the case of expressions like the Spanish one “Qué mono!”, how cute, or the German “Es war ein wunderbares treffen”, it was a great meeting, “Fue un buen día” in Spanish. The whole cat café learning experience reminded me of the games I used to play in english classes to learn words. In this sense, it was clear more than ever that learning through something fun is still completely a great method to get into a language, which in this case also pushed us to practice our speaking skills.

Since this meeting is the last one I would like to take some time to reflect on the whole Each One Teach One process and the outcomes of it. First of all, I think that from a linguistic point of view EOTO has been a great way to introduce myself into the German language, getting a grasp of it. I consider specially important in this sense the relaxed and fun ambience we have kept, full with stories to remember the words better. I strongly believe as well that this whole experience has been great to see ourselves as “teachers” and think more about our language. In this sense, it has been rewarding seeing Christina improve her Spanish level.

As well as language is the base of our learning process this has been equally cultural. EOTO has been mind-broadening, not only for getting to know more about each other’s country but also to see new ideas on language and ways of learning. In this sense, I strongly believe that this cultural process has a clear positive outcome in our studies; having the chance of getting to know a native speaker and its culture motivates you to keep learning.


And finally but not least, Each one teach one has been a great way of getting to know our teammates, sharing time with them and creating great learning, cultural and social experiences in Tampere.

Bis bald! / See you soon! / Hasta pronto!

David Vargas Pons

6th meeting with Ryoko / 22.11.2016

This time our meeting took place at our lovely school, TAMK. 😀

Ryoko was already at school and when I arrived we first went to have lunch together to the cafeteria. After eating a good meal, we moved to the library to do some serious studying. haha

We started with Ryoko’s Finnish class homework. She had previously held a presentation about the Japanese film director, Hayao Miyazaki and now had to write about it in Finnish. She had already written half a page and I helped her to correct some phrases so that they would be more fluent and easy to understand. Ryoko is really making lots of effort to learn Finnish 🙂

After that, I studied some JLPT sample questions while Ryoko was helping me by giving me some hints and tips .. 😀 After finishing with those questions, in a way I felt a bit more confident with my skills. I don’t know all the material and I know I still have to work hard for the time there’s left but I’m starting to feel like I could maybe pass the exam! haha

Only a week left!!!