4th meeting: eating chickwings

For our 4rd meeting we went to the famous Chicken Wings & drink restaurant Sijpiweikot to eat all sorts of chicken wings. We had a nice talk with each other and talked about Finnish food. I told Madelyn that I don’t really like Finnish food and that it also very hard is for me to know which food is Finnish or not. She recommended me some Finnish food like: mustamakkara, munkki and mämmi. I really want to try this food the next weeks, maybe during our next meeting. I really liked the Chicken Wings and was happy to have nice talks with Madelyn. We discussed about food and drink in general. I learned her French words that she can use to go to a restaurant and she learned me how to order food in Germany.

Le garçon= der ober= tarjoilija
Le menu= die Speisekarte= valikko
La viande= das Fleisch= liha
Le poisson= der Fisch= kala
Les toilettes= die Toilette= WC
La bière = das Bier = beer = olut
Le vin = der Wein = wine = viini
L’eau = das Wasser = water = vesi

L’addition s’il vous plaît!= die Rechnung bitte
Est-ce que je peux s’il vous plaît? = Kan ich bestellen bitte?

It was a very nice evening together. I really enjoyed it! We talked a little bit about school, but we tried to avoid this subject because we have a lot of work for our projects.

Written by: Guilio Simoens from Belgium

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