5) Second Finnish lesson – Challenge accepted

As it was hard for us to find a date for a meeting (four student timetables are colliding!) we decided to meet on a Thursday morning. With the word morning, I honestly mean morning. On this aforesaid Thursday we met at 7 o’clock am in the sports hall at the TAMKs gym to play badminton.

Since I arrived here in Finland I got used to waking up between 8:30 and 9 (later when I had a long night before ;)) To be standing ready for a badminton game in the sports hall at 7 in the morning meant for me to wake up at around 6 in the morning. This was a challenge for me and I honestly was afraid to miss my alarm or to oversleep.

Luckily I heard my alarm, got up and took my bike to the university.

Thinking back the effort of waking up early was completely worth the fun we had being the first in the gym and playing badminton.

As always with sports, I got quite excited/emotional so that the first thing I had to learn was how to swear probably in Finnish when something does not turn out as I wanted during the game. These four words were way to overused by myself during this meeting, but at least through all the repetitions I won’t forget them anymore.

  • perkele
  • hitto
  • paska

(I decide to leave out the translation for these words.)

I have also learned other important vocabulary in the field of badminton, but as I did not use them as often I already forgot them.

I am happy to have taken this challenge of playing badminton at 7 in morning. I would do it again and can only recommend such an experience to all the other EOTO groups.

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