9/ French Cooking Evening

For our 3rd cooking meeting, it was my turn to teach a recipe. I asked my group what did they want to eat and ask me to make a : Quiche Lorraine.

So I bought the ingredients and print the recipe before to go to Tiilinkatu where the girls live. First, we decided to translate the recipe and discussed with a tea about our exchange because it’s almost the end and also about the Lapland because the German girls went there two weeks before our meeting and I was going there the week after.


at 7pm we decided to start to prepare so I saw how to prepare the mix and after to cook the meat etc.
15356965_10210412602062932_2105600330_nThis is a kind of remix because we didn’t have the right cake mould but the taste was the same !

I think that my teaching session was a success because everyone said that now, they can do the recipe easily so my anxiety disapper. I hope they enjoyed their plate and will do the recipe again for their firends !

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