8th meeting: Making some Belgian and German food

For our 8th meeting we decided to make a typical Belgian and German dinner together in our kitchen of our home Lapinkaari.
We decided to divide the work and Madelyn made a German head meal and I made a Belgian dessert.
Madelyn made Schweinenbraten. This is a roast pork marinated with wine, vinegar, spices and herbs. I was really impressed how good Madelyne is in cooking. I helped Madelyne to cut the meat and to marinate it. She cut the herbs and cooked the potatoes.

I made Mousse au chocolate. This is a typical Belgian and French dessert and also one of my favorites. I really love chocolate and desserts and Madelyne to.
I was impressed by our cook skills because we were cooking for more than 3 hours in our kitchen. We had a very nice diner together and really enjoyed our time. When we were preparing the meal we were talking about our family, friends and school stuff.

It was a very nice evening and we both really enjoyed our meal. I got the receipt from Madelyne and I gave her the receipt of my mothers mousse au chocolat. I will really try to make this German meal again in Belgium.

Written by Guilio Simoens from Belgium.


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