9th Meeting at Vapriikki

Our 9th meeting was at Vapriikki. Also my friend was there and we went to see just the Suomi 1918 exhibition. Because Chrystal was in as hurry we didn’t have time to see anything else together, kind of pity because Vapriikki is really nice and beautiful museum. This meeting was about telling the Finnish civil war, kansalaissota,  (or however you want to call it) in English. I was kind of surprised because there was only little information in English. I strongly recommend this exhibition to everyone who are interested in war history.

In Finland we are not always sure how to call the war because it kind of wasn’t a civil war but close to it. There was this Finnish White Guard against the communist Finnish Red Guard. Finnish had just gained the Independence and people got some disagreements. It was clear from the beginning that the White Guard would win. And I’m really glad and grateful it did. And if I had to name the Finnish war hero it would be Mannerheim.

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