10th Meeting: Saying Goodbye! :(


Our last meeting at TOAS City was the saddest moment which we both were faced in Finland! Saying goodbye to people who became really good friends during the last four month here in Tampere and moving out from a place which became our home during that time img_20161217_195654would be not easy for us. We talked about the most beautiful and unforgettable moments which we were part of the last weeks and moths while we ate  some typical German Christmas sweets “Christstollen” and drunk some suitable “Feuerzangenbowle” together. We shared our most peronal moments, hardest facings and our greatest challenges in Finland. And our résumé was completly simliar: we both are proud that we could be part of this experience and we would do it again! This session ended with tears but we are lucky that we met each other! Thank you Nori for being part of my experience here! I will come someday to Budapest, definitely! See you soon! köszönöm barátom! XOXO

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