FIN/SWE – Tenth Date

wp_20161219_15_18_01_proWe had decided to have our last meeting in the same place we started – Fazer Café. We drank mulled wine (glögg – glögi) and talked. Since this was the last time I took one last chance at talking Finnish, since that was my goal with this course.

I was a little rusty at the start, having spoken mostly Swedish and English for a few weeks, but soon got back into it. As usual there were words I didn’t know, but compared to the first time, I think I have improved a lot. The barrier I have concerning the Finnish language is getting lower and lower. Hopefully I will break it completely at some point, but there is still a long way for that to happen.

The only new word for the last time was “jykevä“, which means “stabil” in Swedish or that something is stable in English.

I can definitely say this wasn’t our last meeting! We will meet again. Already we have plans for a day in Turku with Room Escape. It is going be awesome!

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