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FIN/SWE – Tenth Date

wp_20161219_15_18_01_proWe had decided to have our last meeting in the same place we started – Fazer Café. We drank mulled wine (glögg – glögi) and talked. Since this was the last time I took one last chance at talking Finnish, since that was my goal with this course.

I was a little rusty at the start, having spoken mostly Swedish and English for a few weeks, but soon got back into it. As usual there were words I didn’t know, but compared to the first time, I think I have improved a lot. The barrier I have concerning the Finnish language is getting lower and lower. Hopefully I will break it completely at some point, but there is still a long way for that to happen.

The only new word for the last time was “jykevä“, which means “stabil” in Swedish or that something is stable in English.

I can definitely say this wasn’t our last meeting! We will meet again. Already we have plans for a day in Turku with Room Escape. It is going be awesome!

10th Meeting: Saying Goodbye! :(


Our last meeting at TOAS City was the saddest moment which we both were faced in Finland! Saying goodbye to people who became really good friends during the last four month here in Tampere and moving out from a place which became our home during that time img_20161217_195654would be not easy for us. We talked about the most beautiful and unforgettable moments which we were part of the last weeks and moths while we ate  some typical German Christmas sweets “Christstollen” and drunk some suitable “Feuerzangenbowle” together. We shared our most peronal moments, hardest facings and our greatest challenges in Finland. And our résumé was completly simliar: we both are proud that we could be part of this experience and we would do it again! This session ended with tears but we are lucky that we met each other! Thank you Nori for being part of my experience here! I will come someday to Budapest, definitely! See you soon! köszönöm barátom! XOXO

9th Meeting: Tampere Christmas Market + Souvenier Shopping

15th December 2016

This time Nori and I spent some time at Tampereen Joulutori and enjoyed the beautiful Christmas atmimg_20161213_180908osphere at Keskustori. We both are looking forward to Christmas Eve and to spend time with our families after several weeks. We had a nice walk through the market, met Santa Claus and talked about our plans and expectations for the holidays at home. Only three days were left and we realized that we had to leave Tampere soon. Each one teach one and the semester in Finland became a unforgettable part in our memories. So we decided to have some souvenier shopping afterwards and we bought some presents for our friends and families and for ourselves, of course! :-))

Kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket! Frohe Weihnachten! Merry Christmas!

EOTO De – Kor #6 – Stockholm Trip

We had a special 3-day meeting in a ferry to Stockholm from 2 – 4.10 and as long as we were spending time together, we always taught and learned from each other new things from each language.  Korea and German both have the drinking culture so we learned a lot of new words related to that.

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For ordering a beer  for example, I can use “ein Bier”. Quite similar to English and other languages so we moved on fast. “Prost” is always nice to say, when cheering with a fellow guy at the bar, but also “Zum Wohl” could be used.

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Rossi’s piglet

I learned a lot of drinking conversations in Korean and to be honest, I was a bit drunk when we drank together and started talking weirdly in Korean language with some Korean friends. Good practice and shame at the same time!

After learning and drinking a lot, I have to say this trip was reaaaaaally memorable!!

EOTO De – Kor #5

So we have our 5th meeting in Mallashovi on Thursday night 29.9

whatsapp-image-2016-10-01-at-08-15-34We had really interesting time to talk about daily life in both Germany and Korea, such as religion and sports. We learned that there are a lot of Christians in Korea and the difference between the two main branches of Christianity in Germany and in Greece of Egi.

After talking a lot about the cultures, we decided to go together to Rauhaniemi and try to catch beautiful Aurora and we are pretty lucky:


We had a pep talk to motivate each other in the future career we chose and hope one day we can meet each other once again under the beautiful aurora 🙂

The final meeting

Wow, that was fast! It was our 10th and the last meeting already.

We met at the Fazer Café, and drank some delicious glogg. We ended up speaking pretty much only in Finnish, but that’s all right, because I’m sure Ida learns a lot every time we use only Finnish.  For example I taught Ida the word “jykevä” and sang the phrase “niin jykevää on rakkaus” so many times that I guess she will never ever forget that word 😀


This course taught me a lot and like I said in my last post, I have definitely improved my skills in listening to Swedish. I’ve also learned so many new words such as svärmur, annandag jul, smälta, smöra and the phrase “det vattnas i munnen”.

I hoped that I could’ve become more brave with speaking Swedish, and I did a little. I still have a lot to learn with it but I’ve definitely taken the first two steps to become a decent Swedish speaker.

Even though we’re ending the course, we’re still planning a cool meeting with Ida where we would take our boyfriends with us and go and try to pass a room escape -game in Turku. How awesome is that?


The Final Meeting: Lapland Odyssey

Our 10th and last meeting was in TAMK Finnish Movie Night. They showed the Finnish Movie Lapland Odyssey, Napapiirin Sankarit. Basically the whole movie is about the digibox the head character Janne has to get for his girlfriend Inari or she would leave her. The movie is directed by famous Finnish director Dome Karukoski. Although the movie is a bit depressive and sad it is a comedy and the actor choices are great (Pamela Tola, Jussi Vatanen…). Chrystal learned some new worlds and we both liked the movie 🙂

This was our last meeting in this course but it doesn’t mean it was the last time ever. Thank you.

10. Meeting: Meeting at the city centre of Tampere


We meet at city centre and we walked around the christmas market and we looked at the city lights and visited the shopping centre Koskikara and looked for some christmas gifts and postcard. I bought some gift for my family. We talked about christmas culture in Finland. It was good experiment for me because we don’t have christmas like this. Finally it was last meeting for each one teach one. It was good lecture. We enjoyed and at the same time we learned a lot of thing and know new people, new culture. We touched our life. It was really cool, I will never forget.

9. Meeting: Coffee again at Pella’s coffeehouse


We went to at Pella’s coffeehouse again. We liked this place and outside was cold. Finland is cold everytime. We talked about Lapland and the SantaClaus. I told you that the “real” SantaClaus lives at Rovaniemi in Lapland. We also talked about how cold it is in lapland. Some of them were thinking about to go to Lapland. They were good informations fort them. And I learned that Finnish people has some like home place in Lapland. Like cottage. I asked some Finnish words. Then I learned them.

Finnish → English

Näkemiin! → Good-bye!

Varo! → Be careful!

Kuinka vanha olet? → How old are you?

Oli mukava tavata. →  It was nice to meet you.

Kahvia → coffee

Vettä → water

8. Meeting: Ice Hockey game


Before this game I traveled ice hockey match stadium for another. Now we was gone Tappara-Sport. I was exciting. We were surprised by the lack of people and the intensity of the people cheering for Tappara. It was a great game and it ended 6-5 into Tapparas victory. It was amazing. I watched once in Turkey and also I watched in Tv but it was so amazing. Finnish people really like the ice hockey game. I think it is more famous than the other sport. In the world and also in my country, football is more comman and famous. But it is different in Finland. It was really good experiment.