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7. Meeting: Meeting at Mediapolis


We meet at Mediapolis. Because some of our group members are study in there. I know I said that before. Because it is problem for me. It is far away place. We walked around the campus yard and Satu talked about the Finnish nature in brief. I have been in Finland for three mounts and I liked and I loved the Finland nature. It is so amazing and everywhere is gren and lake. It is beautiful view. It is similar nature in North of Turkey. I think I missed my country. Never mind,  She talk about how the trees leaves fall down because of the cold and how for example pine trees needles stay on. We talked about, In Finland  no one has privateplace in nature. It is for everyperson. It is really good. We can walk evert forest, lakeside… People run, g oto picnic. I liked that.

6. Meeting: Bowling at the Spacebowling & Billiards


I like playing bowling. We go to play bowling with my friends in Turkey. We meet and we went bowling at the Spacebowling & Billiards. It was really good. We enjoyed a lot. We drank something. Satu teached us that keilapallo = bowling ball. We played one hour and we walked a little bit then we separated. And I learned that Finnish people like bowling.


keilapallo = bowling ball

5. Meeting: Meeting at Mediapolis


I came a little bit late. Because mediapolis campus is really far away from main campus and also from my home. We had some food at the cafeteria since it was lunchtime when we were here. We ate some food. Satu and Thu worked on a poster for Julia and everyone helped to finnish. We were talking about working life in Finland and that it’s difficult to get a job since there are so many applicants. Actually this meeting wasn’t fun. But we worked like team and help to Julia. And we talked about next meeting can be play bowling.


4. Meeting: Coffee at the Center of Tampere at Pella’s coffeehouse


We met coffeehouse. I don’t like coffee including Turkish coffee. But I try to get used. We talked about how expensive it is in Finland compared to Germany and also the weather in general. I talked about my country weather. Summer is hot, winter is cold in my country. It depends on where you live. Everypeople ask me. Is there any snow in winter? It happened like this again. Then we talked how it is so light in the summer that the sun never goes down, and how dark can it actually get in Finland. Because we were wondering. We talked and discuss weather differences. I want to come back in Summer. I really wondering. Also I learned some words about weather.

Finnish → English ← German

Aurinko → Sun  ←   Sonne

Kevät → Spring   ←  Frühling

Kesä  → Summer  ←  Sommer

syksy  → Autumn ←  Herbst

talvi  → Winter ← Winter

3. Meeting: Meeting at Julias and Thus Apartment


It was our third meeting. We met again here. Because this place near mediapolis campus and most of our group members study there. That place is our meeting place. I brought some Karjalanpiirakat for try. We ate but I didn’t like it. It is not appropriate our Turkish food tradition. We ate some dinner and we learned something about the bending of words in Finnish language. :ssa :ssä :llä :lla and that sorts of things and where to use them. We also briefly talked about der, die & das. I could not remember. I studied German a little bit. But I totally forgot it. We talked about our food culture. We talked about that Finnish people eat potato everytime and they drink milk too much and everymeal. I said something my food culture and I showed some pictures of traditional food.


2. Meeting: Meeting at Julia’s and Thu’s apartment


We met at Julia’s and Thu’s apartment. But I could not go earlier. I was late. Because I could not find home then finally I found. When I came, they have already started talking. I came and we drank coffee and we again talked about the cultural differences and the differences in our parents. We had some similarity between Turkish parents and Finnish  parents. I learned that they care too much their children. It is same in my country. We had some cookies. We talked about a little bit coffee and tea. My people drink black tea and Turkish coffee. Finnish people drink coffee a lot.  We also discussed about Gaels football career and his life in Finland. Also talked about the health care system in finland Satu said something about it, and the fact that she doesn’t have a health insurance since you don’t need one in finland to get treated for your illness.

1. Meeting: Meeting at Mediapolis at the library


We meet at Mediapolis campus in library. It was really good I think. Because we had big group and We could share a lot of things. We had five person: me, Satu, Julia, Thu, Gael. We were Finnish, German and Turkish group. I didn’t know my group members before. I was very exiciting and curios for know each other so we start to getting know each other. We want to learn about Finland culture and Germany culture so we start to discuss about the culture of Finland and some about the culture of Germany. Satu also talked about the Finland, Finland culture, Finland vs. Sweden ice hockey culture. That it’s almost mandatory to hate the swedish people if they win Finnish people at hockey. I asked and learned some words and question in this meeting. It was easy words and I wondering these. We talked about our learning plan. What we should, What you want… Firs meeting was really good I think. We learned little bit about each other.

Finnish → English ← German

Mitä kuuluu?  → How are you? ← Wie geht es ihnen?

Hyvää → Good  ← Gut

Kyllä → Yes  ← Ja

Ei → No  ← Nein

Anteeksi → Sorry  ← Entschuldigung

10. Meeting: Ice Skating

For my last Each one Teach one Meeting I again joined my sister and her Each one Teach one partner Eveliina. Thereby we decided to go ice skating, since me and my sister haven’t done it in Finland so far and thought that we had to take our last chance to do it. That’s why we met on the 18.12. in the afternoon and decided to go ice skating on a flooded football field close to the aleksanterin kirko in Tampere.

When we arrived at the ice skating place we were really eager to go on theice-skating ice, because the field was really big and I haven’t been ice skating for 2 years. However when we have rented our shoes at the TAMKO office me and my sister haven’t considered that there are any differences between the shoes. That is why we went for hockey shoes… this was a mistake. Eveliina explained to us that usually hockey shoes are more difficult to use. The reason for this is that the skid of hockey shoes is much shorter and doesn’t have brakes compared to the normal ones. Besides the edges are rounded down, so that you can easily fall on your back. So when we went on the ice for the first time with these shoes it was really difficult to be stable and don’t fall down immediately. However after some time on the ice I got more confident and could also skate faster. Nevertheless I once fell on the ice and another few times it was really close that I fell again. Yet my sister or Eveliina were always there to help me and it was really funny. Contrary to us Eveliinas ice skating skills were much better, because she could also skate backwards or do some small turns or pirouettes. As she told us the reason for this was that they had ice skating classes in school and also the parents are teaching their children how to ice skate already in a really young age. She described it that ice skating is like a “basic skill”.

While ice skating, we were all the time talking about different topics. At first we were speaking about school trips. In Germany it is usual that every 2 years the whole class is going on a weekly trip all together. For example I had been to a ski week, mediation week or graduation trip. Eveliina explained us that in comparison to Germany in Finland they usually only have day trips to different locations. This is really a pity, because it was always nice to go somewhere else with you friends and a lot of fun. In Germany we also have one day trips, but they are additional to the longer trips.

At the end we were also talking a little bit in German, because Eveliina had an exam on Monday and we tried to help her with her studies.

In a nutshell this was a really nice meeting and I again learned a lot of new things about the Finnish mentality and their behaviour, which was really interesting. Since this was my last meeting I have to say that I really liked the whole Each one Teach one concept, because it was really interesting to get to know a Finnish person better and to learn a lot of things about the culture and Finland itself, which you wouldn’t learn otherwise. That’s why this course effected my exchange semester in a positive way and I would gladly take it again if I would have the chance to the next time. It was also really nice to meet new people and I hope I will see them again soon.

See you!!


9. Meeting: Talk and chill

Since my Each one Teach one group has already finished I went together with my sister Katrin to her Each one Teach one partner Eveliina, so that I will be able to complete the 10 meetings required for this course. We met at her apartment on the 14.12 in the evening and had a really nice time with a lot of interesting discussions.

While eating cookies we at first talked about our last weeks, because my sister and I have been in Lapland and Eveliina in Germany. She was in Hamburg for some days and really liked it, especially the Christmas markets with the typical German mulled wine. Afterwards we told her about our trip to Lapland and about our adventures there. Eveliina has also been to Lapland once, but during summer, that’s why she was really interested to hear about our narrations.

Afterwards we were talking about the travel behaviour of Finnish people. Eveliina explained us that some Finnish people, usually older ones are not really eager to get to know new people and cultures. Instead they prefer to stay home, because they are simply not so interested and are so happy with their own country. According to Eveliina you can also feel it with for example exchange students that they are not so open to them. However I think it always depends on the person, because I have met some really nice Finnish people, who also seem interested in different cultures and countries.

Another issue we were discussing about were the differences between Germany and Finland. The reason for this was that we now have been in Finland for more than 4 months and through this could see the differences better. One big disparity is the safety. Finland for example is known to be really safe compared to the most countries of the world. Eveliina also told us that she is for example never afraid, when she is walking home alone in the night. Germany is also considered a really safe country; however I wouldn’t walk home alone in Munich, the city where I study. The reason for this is that especially around the central station many weird people are walking around and it is always better to have a companion in the night. Eveliina for example also told us that her parents have been a little bit scared for her when she visited Germany, because it is not as safe and peaceful as in Finland. Another difference was the car and driving issue. A big distinction thereby was the speed limit. In Germany there is nearly no limit on highways. However in Finland the limit is at 120 km/h. In Addition there are much more traffic jams in Germany also during the day. In Finland the traffic jams nearly only develop during rush hour, which I think would be really pleasant.

In the end we were talking a little bit more about the difficulty of understanding each other even though you are not speaking in your mother tongue. Thereby we came to the conclusion that even with our good knowledge in English it is sometimes difficult to understand each other in the right way or make jokes. It is just not the same. Especially if the languages are not as common as English for example Finnish or German.

This was a comfortable and interesting meeting again.


10. Meeting: Ice Skating

For our final meeting we went ice skating. Therefore we chose an ice field near Häämenkatu and the public library. Actually, at least in summer, this is a sports field, but in the winter it gets flooded with water which freezes to a field of ice. It is really nice that you can go there anytime you want and it is even for free and outside. That makes it in my opinion way better than going to the ice stadium to ice skate. Eveliina told us that she has already been there in school. There they learned ice skating in PE and had to practice to drive backwards and make turns. That’s why Eveliina is really good at ice skating. Compared to her I was so bad. In the beginning I thought that maybe I completely unlearned it, because I felt so unsteady. However after a while I got more used to it again and felt safer, but still once or twice during one round I was about to fall. Luckily either my sister or Eveliina were able to catch me. A reason for my clumsiness was maybe that I took ice skating shoes from TAMKO office (by the way that’s for free) which were especially designed for ice hockey. Therefore the skid was compared to normal ones much shorter and furthermore it was rounded. That means when your balance point was too far behind you immediately lost balance. Still it was a lot of fun but also quite exhausting so I got a  muscle ache the day after.

During ice skating we talked about a lot of things. One topic was about trips we had in school. Eveliina told us, that they mostly just had day trips to different places in Finland. However they don’t have longer trips. I think that’s a pity, because these longer trips were so much fun when I was in school. There we had a get-to-know-each-other week, meditation week, skiing week and a trip before the graduation. Furthermore we talked with her a bit in German so that she could practice speaking a bit, because she had a German exam on the next day. I hope we could help her to get more confident. I think she really knows much for the short time she learned the language.

To sum it up, I really enjoyed all the meetings we had. I learned so many interesting things about Finland’s culture and the people. Therefore it was a great experience and I really hope to meet Eveliina again!! However now it is time to go home J

Hey hey!!