Learning to say colors! (02/11/2016)

So, this time we decided to meet at the main campus, because all of us choose the course called Basic of Finnish, then we just have our EOTO course before Finnish class.

There are so many people in library, at last we find a quiet place and firstly chat for a while. Before Khassy came, I was watching a Chinese drama, then we talk about this good drama called Nirvana in Fire. This is a costume drama, so we also talked about a little bit history, I really recommend Khassy to watch it because it is so wonderful.


The place we stay in has a big colorful toy, so we began to learn colors in Chinese and German. The pronunciation of the colors in Chinese were very difficult, while the German colors name easier because of their resemblance to English.

English Chinese German
Red 红色 Rot
Blue 蓝色 Blau
Black 黑色 Schwarz
White 白色 Weiss
Yellow 黄色 Gelb
Green 绿色 Grün
Orange 橙色 Orange
Pink 粉色 Pink
Rose 玫红色 Rosa
Brown 棕色 Braun
Gray 灰色 Grau
Purple 紫色 Lila


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