7th meeting with Ryoko / 13.12.2016

Last week before the Christmas holidays! This day I went to Ryoko’s place after taking an exam at school. We were mostly just chatting in Japanese and Finnish.

I told Ryoko about the JLPT exam that I had just taken. To be honest, I’m not sure at all if I will pass or not. Some parts were easier than I expected but the listening part was definitely harder than I thought it would be! I will only be getting the results in February/March, so the wait is kind of long… When I get the results, I’ll either start studying for the hardest level (N1) or try to retake N2 in case I didn’t pass this time. Ryoko will be of great help to me again then 😉

Other than that, we somehow ended up talking about refugees and foreigners in Finland. 

I learnt some new words as well!

移民 (いみん)immigrant (which has a somewhat negative sound to it)

難民 (なんみん)refugee

偏見のない人 (へんけんのないひと)open-minded

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