Cooking German Food Together! (02/12/2016)

Our fifth meeting, we decided to cook German food together. We met at Khassy’s place again like last time we cook Chinese food. And Khassy invited her German friend Laura, to help us cook together. We cook meat balls by mixing meat, eggs and bread, and I tried the step of making those stuffs into ball although I’m not good at it. Then we cooked mashed potatoes with milk. I really love the taste of this kind of potatoes.

While eating, we talked about some words in Chinese and German with weird pronunciation. That’s so funny because some words in German I really cannot pronounce. And I also asked Khassy something in Germany, like some famous places to visit, some famous delicious food and drinks. I know the sausage and beer are famous in Germany. So, I am looking forward to travel to Germany in the future.


I really enjoyed eating and cooking with them! I hope next time we can have chance to eat local traditional German food together!

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