Oh, what would be culturally sensitive course with a Bavarian without Oktoberfest! We were greatly satisfied that PISTOT (the official parties by the three biggest subject organizations in TAMK: TTO, TIRO and PIRATE) had an Octoberfest theme party. (Into which I of course had a vip access;)


Well they didn’t last for two weeks like the original one does. There weren’t any dozens of massive beer tents carring hundreds of people. There were only few blond maiden waitresses. And no amusement park constructed nearby the beer tents. And well actually no fast food joints serving shcnitzels and bratwurst mitt sourkraut. Or italians drunk as hell 10 in the morning.  But Victor did wear his original lederhosen as the only one in the festival crowd. But points for the good spirit! And after all they are Finnish Student parties…


We did however drink in the style of the original Octoberfest. Even though the beer was bad compared to the one they serve on the real one. Oh and it came in glasses half of the proper size. But at least I had fun trying to explain the drink names. White russian was called Schweinsteige… no sorry acording to “the-Bavarian-Fussball-star-who-must-not-be-named”. Curious enough Jallushot was named as Aatu after a certain Austrian statesman who had a funny mustache. And well after the previous discussion it took some guts to explain the context. But we did one thing according to the original Oktoberfest traditon: party till the morning and drink beer to exaggerated extent!

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