Prolog and first meeting on 18th of August

Yes I’m a hardcore humanist artist. My original purpose was to write all the EOTO blogtexts on time. However in the flack of very busy autumn on student politics and international affairs the text remained brewing inside my head till the right moment (also known as weeks after the ultimate deadline 🙂 But I belive that to an extent they’ve brewed to the vigrousness of classical Brittish stout.


The story of how German exchange student Victor and I first met is quite interesting. As some of you may already know this autumn we’ve had the privilege of enjoying a very high number of international exchange students here at TAMK. However the international tutors have been rather occupied because of this. At some point when all nominations had already been done Victor found out that there had been some major delays in his home university with processing the application. Once everything was ready for his exchange period the orientations were already running smoothly and all tutors pretty overrowded. So as a big fan of Germany and especially Munich where he is from I deceted to take on to this marvellous opportunity.

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