Buenas tardes!

Second meeting at Proakatemia, place where I study.

Emmi have prepared a list what we could study this time, even we didn`t asked her to do anything. I really appreciate her way to make thing happen.

First we had our cup of coffee and then we went to one big room with flapboard. We started with small and used sentences. Diego wrote those sentences in spanish to us and Ella wrote same sentences in finnish to Diego. Together we practiced pronunciation.

Second we studied numbers and third colors. We used same method, because it was effective. One hour went really fast and we decided that next meeting will be one and half or two hours.

Below you can see SOME words 😉


My name is Minttu = Mi dombe es Minttu

What is your name? = Cual es tu nombre?
Good morning = Buenos dias
Good afteroon = Buenas tardes
Good evening / night = Buenas noches
Bye bye = chau (nos vemos)
Bye, see you tomorrow = chau nos vemos manana
Huomenna / aamu = manana (manjana)
Tervetuloa = Bienvenido
Minun asuntooni = A mi casa
One = Uno
Two = Dos
Three = Tres
Neljä = Cuatro
Five = Cinco
Six = Seis
Seven = Siete
Eight = Ocho
Nine = Nueve
Ten = Diez
Eleven = Once
Twelve = Dose
Thirteen = Trece
Fourteen = Catorce
Fifteen = Quince
Sixten = Dieziseis
Seventeen =Diezisiete
Eighteen = Dieziocho
Nineteen = Diezinueve
Twenty = Veinte
100 = Cien
1000 = Mil
Million = Millon (mijon)
White = Blanco
Black = Negro
Red = Rojo (roho)
Yellow = Amarillo (amadijo)
Green = Verde
Blue = Azul (athul)
Orange = Naranja (naranha)
Brown = Marron 
Gray = Gris
Pink = Rosado


Enjoy picture of us 😀

Chau, nos vemos. -Minttu

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