Third meeting at the grocery store

We put into practice something we learned last time, and went through basic products in both languages. At the same time we did our necessary grocery shopping. We also talked about our usual eating habits and traditional foods. Mämmi, rye bread, salmon, mashed potatoes and milk were one of those in Finnish side.

It was actually harder remember the words in action than when having a computer in front. Some differences found out. There is so many different milk options in Finland  for example. Lactose and gluten free products are much more common in here than Germany.


Today is Valentine’s day (English) – valentinstag (German) – ystävänpäivä (Finnish). There is no sign of Valentinus in the Finnish word. Translation of “ystävänpäivä” is friend’s day. As it says, it is more like celebration of friendships. In Germany it is like in the United States; a day for sweethearts.




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