10.2.2017 Ordering food in Finland

There is three people in my group.
Me and Pyry are from Finland, and we are teaching Finnish to Aoi. Aoi is from Japan and she is teaching Japanese for us.

Our first meeting was in a cafeteria and our goal was to teach Aoi some Finnish cafeteria words. Another goal was to order food using those words and sentences Aoi just learned. We met in Cafe Europa which is located in Tampere city center.

First we were talking a little bit about how to order food and after that we were ready to order. Aoi did great. The pronunciation in Finnish words seems to be quite easy for a Japanese person. Also it is quite easy to pronounce Japanese words correctly.

In the other hand teaching Finnish is far from easy. As soon as you teach one word you start to think about how to bend it and there is million ways to do that. And for every situation you need to have a different ending even if it’s still the same word.

If you want to keep the Japanese language level you once completed, you need to be really active by yourself. I realized how much I’ve already forgotten because I haven’t been studying Japanese in 6months. Now it’s time to be active again. I began to remember again some cafeteria words and phrases.



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