Learning Finnish culture

I am Yu Zou from China. This is my first year studying in TAMK. I apply the EOTO because I want to learn something about Finnish culture.

In the first time, Johanna, my teacher, gave me a small test when I came to the Cafe. The small test is about basic finnish imformation. I knew something already, and then she told me more.

For example: I know the president’s name. But I didn’t know much.

I learnt that the war between Finland and Soviet Union starts 1918. Karhu, the bear, is Finland national animal. For hunting, you need to have 2 licenses and also the amount of animals need to depend on the area of the place. I learnt some animals names: hirvi–moose, ilves–lunks, kettu–fox, susi–wolves.

I also learnt some name of the parties. And also how to ask price in the market, how does people like the things, and so on. After this, we dicussed some funny things I face in Finland and also something about food, cultures and studies.

I also know about the place and name of the city on the map.

This is a really interesting meeting. I had many fun.

We will meet next Friday then.

By Zou

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