[Finnish/German] 3rd meeting: Tales from Moominvalley

Yesterday, we had our third Each One Teach One meeting. At first, we had a quick student lunch at Siperia, in the old Finlayson Factory.

Afterwards, we went to Proakatemia where Reetta gave me a tour of the working space and introduced me to some of her team members. Then, we went on to finding a quiet space to read ‘Geschichten aus dem Mumintal’ (English: Tales from Moominvalley). Tales from Moominvalley is the sixth book in the Moomin series by Finnish author, Tove Jansson. As Reetta aims to improve her German skills, we started to work on her pronunciation with the help of the German translation of the book.

She would read a paragraph out loud, ask for unknown words and summarize the content in English to see whether she understood what she just read. I was positively surprised by her advanced language level. In our previous meetings, Reetta kept emphasizing that her German is nowhere near perfect; yet she was able to understand yesterday’s story (including stylistics means such as metaphors) without major difficulties . Maybe we will keep reading parts from the book during future meetings as it was a good tool to practice the pronunciation and vocabulary.

I will be in Germany during the upcoming winter break to celebrate carnival, meaning that our next meeting will take place in March.

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